Lee Hutson/Design Coordinator

     Lee Hutson, has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 29 years.  Lee has had extensive experience in the areas of health club ownership and management, group class instruction, personal fitness training, youth and senior fitness programs, corporate wellness, medical rehabilitation and facility design.  Lee has consulted, managed, designed, developed and administered numerous health/fitness programs throughout the United States and Canada.  

     Prior to Lee’s work in the health and fitness industry, Lee was a professional baseball player in the Montreal Expo and New York Yankee organizations.  Lee continues to participate in youth programs involving health and fitness as a mentor, coach, instructor and advisor.

     Lee’s passion for living life to the fullest is the combination of 4 amazingly creative children and lovely wife Lori, whom he met at Murray State University while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Business.